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Annexation Map

A final Public Hearing on the annexation petition will be held May 14 2019 at the regular Panguitch City Council meeting.

Annexation Map Link


Commencing at the Corner of Sections 27, 28, 33 and 34, Township 34 South, Range 5 West, Salt Lake Base & Meridian, Utah, and running thence South 00°20’41” West along the line between said Sections 33 and 34, 82.50 feet to the True Point of Beginning, said point being on the boundary of Panguitch City; and running thence following the City Boundary South 78°27’31” West 309.23 feet; thence South 55°59’43” West 233.06 feet; thence North 00°58’16” West 2170.77 feet to the northerly right-of-way line of U.S. Highway 89; thence North 89°10’28” East leaving said boundary of Panguitch City and along the northerly right-of-way line of said U.S. Highway 89, 602.50 feet; thence South 00°49’57” East leaving said northerly right-of-way line, 149.85 feet to the southerly right-of-way line of said U.S. Highway 89; thence South 89°04’50” East along the southerly right-of-line of said U.S. Highway 89, 169.66 feet; thence South 79°26’43” East continuing along said right-of-way line 485.01 feet; thence South 72°23’01” East 194.12 feet; thence South 00°01’17” East 520.25 feet; thence North 89°27’07” West 205.46 feet; thence South 00°33’01” West 768.47 feet; thence North 89°43’21” West 265.84 feet; thence South 00°07’31” East 323.03 feet to the line between said Sections 27 and 34; thence North 89°26’14” West along the line between said Sections 27 and 34, 48.63 feet; thence South 00°22’10” West 439.60 feet; thence North 89°26’12” West 13.79 feet; thence South 00°22’12” West 152.99 feet; thence South 33°57’18” West 141.37 feet; thence South 12°59’35” West 104.83 feet; thence North 89°33’29” West 164.32 feet; thence North 00°20’41” East 331.21 feet; thence North 89°39’23” West 96.65 feet to the line between said Sections 33 and 34; thence North 00°20’41” East along the line between said Sections 33 and 34, 400.00 feet to the point of beginning containing 58.56 acres.

Panguitch City 2017 Consumer Confidence Water Report

Find a complete report on the quality and safety of Panguitch culinary water here.

New Year’s Party!

Don’t miss the carnival at the Panguitch New Year’s Party!  This is a fun event for the whole family with games and bounce house toys for the kids and live entertainment for adults on New Year’s Eve.

Panguitch Lake “Big Fish” Derby

Looking for some great winter fun?  Come ice fishing at Panguitch Lake and win cash and prizes!  The Panguitch Lake “Big Fish” Derby is for all ages with prizes in both youth and adult divisions.  Registration for the derby closes on January 4, 2018 and the tournament begins January 5, 2019.  There is a $25 entrance fee.  For more info visit

City Wide Clean-Up

Scheduled to take place May 14th through 18th, 2018.  If you have items you would like picked up for disposal, please call the City Office at 676-8585.





Trek Application (PDF File)