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Notice of Intent to Annex

Panguitch City

An annexation petition has been filed with Panguitch City for the purpose of annexing an area into Panguitch City. The Panguitch City Council received the notice of certification on

April 24, 2020.  The complete annexation petition is available for inspection and copying at the Panguitch City office or in the link below. Written protests or letters of support for the proposed annexations can be delivered to the Panguitch City Recorder at 25 S. 200 E. by May 24, 2020.  A final public hearing on the annexation petition will be held May 26 2020 at the regular Panguitch City Council meeting.

Owens Family Annexation Petition


Kim Soper – Serving a 4 year term through December 31, 2021

Council Members

Paul Dastrup  – Serving a 4 year term through December 31, 2021                 AJ Johnson – Serving a 4 year term through December 31, 2021              Mark Boshell – Serving a 4 year term through December 31, 2023
Trudi Owens – Serving a 4 year term through December 31, 2023              Mike Sarles – Serving a 4 year term through December 31, 2023

City Services

City Manager – Lori Talbot
City Judge – Tim Smith
City Attorney – Barry Huntington
City Recorder – Tyrissa Howell
City Treasurer – Carla Farnsworth
Event Coordinator — Steven Lee                                                                                Public Works Director – David Owens
Public Works Maintenance/Asst. Director-Public Works – Kory Owens
Public Works Maintenance – Rick Miller
Website/Marketing – Melanie Heaton
Library Director – Suzanne Dunham (435)676-2431
Children’s Librarian – Verlaine Spencer

City Hall

25 S 200 E
PO Box 75
Panguitch, UT 84759

Phone: 435-676-8585

City Office hours: Monday – Thursday 7:30 am -5:30 pm. Friday 8:00 am- 12:00 pm.  Closed Holidays

City Council Meeting: 6:30 pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month in the conference room of the Panguitch City Office. To have an item placed on the agenda, please contact the City Recorder, at 676-8585 no later than  noon Thursday prior to council meeting.

Zoning Information: Please contact the City Office at 435-676-8585 for information on upcoming meetings of The Planning and Zoning Commission.

City Services:

Utility Department **If you would prefer to receive your water bill via email, please contact Tyrissa at 676-8585**
Business Licenses

Cemetery Information
City Treasurer

Panguitch Airport DBE Goals

Panguitch City Planning & Zoning Commission

Chairman – Jeramy Henrie
Vice Chairman – Justin Peterson                                                                                Trudi Owens                                                                                                                    Chris Hatch                                                                                                                      Cindy Stewart                                                                                                                  Todd Breinholt                                                                                                              Diane Fullmer                                                                                                                  Chad Veater                                                                                                       Alternates:                                                                                                                       Lori Talbot

Panguitch City Zoning Map