ATV Riding

Looking for a thrill?  Adventurous sightseers can enjoy ATV riding through the rugged red rock formations of Bryce Canyon’s back country in Dixie National Forest. Just a short drive from Panguitch, the mountain terrain offers wild and untamed scenery, and plenty of new trails for ATV riding.

Four wheel your way through curious “hoodoo,” dense forests, and staggering rock spires of Utah’s old west. There are several primitive trails to indulge in ATV adventures:

Pansaugunt ATV Trail: Located on the Powell Ranger District in the National Park, the Pansaugunt ATV trail provides over 25-30 miles of western wilderness to discover with your favorite four wheel drive. Known for its scenic red rock vistas stretching across the Dixie Ntational Forest, Pansaugunt ATV trail offers an adventurous back road experience through Utah’s empty western frontier.

Several trail heads lead to Pansaugunt’s stunning backcountry trails; Tropic Reservoir trail head is the Northwest access point, while the southeast access is located at Crawford Pass trail head. At the south end the Straight Canyon trail head is the access point.

Fremont ATV Trail: Starting in Circleville and winding its rugged ways to the south at Tropic Resevoir, Fremont ATV trail offers travelers a forested ride and shady ride through red rock formations and high plateaus that reach into the heavens. This quite wilderness gem connects with the well-trodden Paiute ATV trail and greets visitors with mysterious western wildlife, the famous sage brush vegetation of the south, and over 50 miles of unforgettable backcountry beauty.

Pine Lake OHV Trail: Making a 10,000 feet loop from Pine Lake to Powell Point and around to Pole Canyon and back, is Pine Lake OHV Trail.  Filled with the back road’s essence of Utah’s canyon lands, this dusty loop offers easy access to some of the areas most ancient and historic charm.

Travelers wishing to embark on an ATV trail ride within Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument must contact the National Forest service for restriction details.

Bryce ATV Rally 

ATV lovers can choose to participant in Bryce Canyon’s annual ATV rally. Trails can be visited by guided tour or explored independently. The rally gives access to more than 2400 miles of ATV trails, including the famous Casto Canyon, ranked among the top ten most scenic trails in America.

Hosted at the Triple C Arena in Panquitch, the ATV Rodeo and Poker Run are highlights of the Bryce ATV Rally, where visitors can enjoy food and entertainment for the whole family.

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Bryce ATV Rally Rides and Maps (PDF files)

Badger Creek Loop
Bull Rush Loop
Casto Canyon Ride
Casto Canyon / Limekiln Loop
Dave’s Hollow / Coyote Hollow Loop
Horse Valley Ride
Kings Creek Loop
Kings Creek / Dave’s Hollow Loop
Pass Creek Loop
Panguitch Tropic Reservoir
Paunsaugunt Rim Pines Loop
Pole Hollow Loop
Powell Point
Sandy Peak Loop
Sanford Loop
Straight Canyon Loop
Yankee Meadows Ride

Area ATV Trails